First week in Moonlight Falls


I’m honestly embarrassed about being a simmer, I don’t want anyone to know. I feel like my parents think it’s just stupid and I’m just a geek or something.

I assume you’re a teenager, so it doesn’t make sense at all to be ashamed of something teenagers are supposed to do — that is, having fun. Young adults get a lot of “why are you gaming when you’re supposed to study/work/be an adult” thrown our way. I don’t understand why your parents would think it’s stupid since it’s a very fun and creative game even if to most people it just seems like a virtual doll house. Also, there is nothing wrong with a nerd or a geek. I don’t know about actual parents (since I have no children) but I’d rather my child played games and had fun that way instead of going out drinking and pretending to be an adult (which is what a lot of teenagers do.)
I’m an adult and I play videogames (including Sims) and I’m not ashamed of that at all. I don’t care if someone thinks the Sims is a “girl game” or a casual game. We simmers put a lot of effort into our games and community and we come in a great variety of people, from 12 year olds to 40+ of all gender identities. We’re a bunch of awesome people and there’s nothing embarrassing about being a simmer.




Happy October, everyone!

one sweet morning ^^