Well, this is it. I’m going to bed early, gonna spend some time on skype with my fiancé and then get a good night’s sleep so I’ll have all the energy for travel tomorrow. It’s been four months, I’m so excited to finally see him! I’m not nervous about the flight so that’s good. I’ve got everything sorted and I’m ready.

So, this is a farewell for the next two months. I probably won’t be posting anything until September. I wish you all a wonderful summer regardless of what your plans are! See you again in September <3




the best thing about being a ts2 simblr is you can disappear for months at a time and you don’t lose any followers because they know you’ll come back. they always come back.

And thus I am always thankful for my followers. <3

Always. Love you guys xo


left side pt 2~





The Sims 4: New Render (First Baby Pic!)

Via The Sims Brazil

I get the complaints about pools and toddlers, but, look at this: is it just me or they included two same sex couples, a non-binary person, some body-shape variety, and pocs? I mean, EA is far from perfect but at least they are trying. 

Considering the picture says Take Pride in The Sims 4” and it includes the LGBT colours I think it’s safe to assume that we’re not all imagining that they did. I really hope so at least.

I’m sorry to say this, but all same sex couples are there since the Sims 1, body shape sliders were confirmed last year. All there really is is a staged render, poses which you see are confirmed not to exist in the actual game.

    Plus this render is made by a company that claimed two years ago that they won “The Worst Company” award because of gay haters and not because of their business practices. This is a damage control guys, just read all devs tweets and you’ll see that the game is very empty and unfinished Frankenstein of notorious Olympus(I hope I remembered the name right). Don’t get fooled.

I wasn’t talking about the game as much as I was talking about presentation. I’m not personally excited about the game at all. What I am excited about is them choosing to present LGBT, non-binary and PoC sims of somewhat varied body shapes. Despite same sex couples having been there from the start as far as I know they haven’t presented any same sex couples until now. Not in renders nor in-game. It’s always been focused on (mostly) white, straight sims, has it not?